Sour Cherry Liqueur, 1st Maceration

Sour Cherry Liqueur, 1st Maceration


In 2007 and driven by a renewed enthusiasm, a thorough knowledge of our customer and the new market demands, we created a Premium Range of products: “Esencia 1896, Anís Bidestilado” (Essence 1896, Twice-distilled Anise Liqueur) and “Licor de Guindas 1ª Maceración” (Sour Cherry Liqueur, 1st Maceration), thus bottling part of our history and soul with the best flavours and aromas of this fruit.

Alcohol content
25% by volume

Bright red, characteristic of the natural cherry

Intense and very sharp, A penetrating and almondy fragrance of ripe cherries

Liqueurish and velvety taste with slightly bitter almond notes. It leaves a delicious and long-lasting taste of ripe fruit

Characteristics and preparation 
It is made with the best natural cherries from the Cazalla countryside cultivated with the experience of many generations, carefully selected by our master craftsmen and collected at the best moment of ripeness. This cherry, subjected to a first maceration in alcohol, homemade in our distilleries, and then combined with just the right amount of sugar, makes a wonderful liqueur, well-loved by everyone who has had the privilege of tasting it. Limited production.




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Rating GUÍA PEÑÍN: 90, Crystalline colour. An expressive aroma of glacé fruit and sweet spices. Good acidity, sharp bitterness, powerful and tasty.


Rating Range:

90-94 EXCELLENT DISTILLATE. Distillates that exceed those of its type are expressive and represent their typical character. They impress all the senses in such an extraordinary manner. Complex, full of registers, both olfactory and gustatory, produced by all the sensory values of raw materials in their distillation. They are elegant and out of the ordinary, far from commercial standards.

85-89 VERY GOOD DISTILLATE. They stand out for the nuances acquired during distillation. A distillate of specific characteristics dominated by high quality, representative of the distillate.