Carnation GIN

Carnation GIN


In 2016, after a painstaking search and selection, we have added our CARNATION Gin to our Premium Range. A Premium Gin, of the London Dry type, obtained by traditional distillation: sharp, medium body, soft and silky on the palate, with a good harmonisation between alcohol and the botanical ingredients, with a predominant smell of the Andalusian citric fruits. We found the base alcohol that meets our requirements: cereal distillate (whole wheat, natural and not genetically manipulated). Made in France with water from the Alps.

It is distilled in Granada, very close to Sierra Nevada, which does a double distillation (London system) with juniper berries.

This distillate is sent to our distillery with high alcohol content. We then macerate it with our botanical ingredients (coriander, angelica root, orange and lemon zest tea) and add Cazalla water until we reach 40º by volume.

Alcohol content 

40º by volume




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Rating GUÍA PEÑÍN: 93, Transparent colour. Its elegance and subtlety stand out in the nose, with well-balanced juniper notes along with citrus fruits and coriander in the background. In the mouth, it is tasty, soft and with no warmth or alcohol notes. When combining, it is best combined with neutral and soft tonics, with no further dressings, because the subtlety of the gin will stand out more.


Rating Range:

90-94 EXCELLENT DISTILLATE. Distillates that exceed those of its type are expressive and represent their typical character. They impress all the senses in such an extraordinary manner. Complex, full of registers, both olfactory and gustatory, produced by all the sensory values of raw materials in their distillation. They are elegant and out of the ordinary, far from commercial standards.

85-89 VERY GOOD DISTILLATE. They stand out for the nuances acquired during distillation. A distillate of specific characteristics dominated by high quality, representative of the distillate.