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Our history

El Clavel brand was founded in 1896 in Cazalla de la Sierra, a whitewashed village nestled among holm and cork oaks in the heart of Sierra Norte in Seville. The universal fame of is spirits distillates, to which our renowned Anís del Clavel has contributed to since 1896, has helped immortalise its name.

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The tradition of the Cazalla distillates dates back to the thirteenth century. However, the Carthusian monks, established in the fifteenth century, did their part to improve the Arab stills and alembics, turning this Seville village into a benchmark for distillers from all over the world. In addition to its artisan tradition, El Clavel has inherited its masterful formula known as Esencia de Ángel or Angel Essence. This bouquet of flavours and aromas, passed down from generation to generation, combined with the distillates is the soul of our products and delivers the most demanding palates the features of top quality liqueurs.

Of the 30 distilleries there used to be in Cazalla de la Sierra in its times of splendour, only two remain. El Clavel is the ONLY one that still maintains the traditional methods of its founders, renown all over Spain and in many countries worldwide. All our effort and commitment lies in recovering and maintaining traditions and artisan methods that turned these products from myth into reality.

Still today, all the products are made in our original copper stills under the exclusive supervision of the person in charge, our very own José Rogelio Navarro, inheritor of the wealth of knowledge and family tradition, as his grandfather also used to work in the factory. The process is painstakingly slow, but enables retaining the essence of each product without resorting to any chemical products and fleeing from "mass production", focusing mainly on quality.